Blending Business And Leisure

April 28, 2015 Nemes Random

HOWS this for a terrible neologism: “bleisure”. It is a portmanteauof business and leisure, and is used to describe exactly what some people declare is a new kind of company tourist: one who fits in leisure travel while on the road.In reality, this is barely brand-new. Skift, a travel web site, has released something called “The Bleisure Report”, which you can check out right here. It is produced by the folks at Bridgestreet Global Hospitality, a company that offers serviced apartments– short-term rentals with housekeeping and energies included.It carried out a study to back up their “bleisure” claims, although there is no historical data from which to put together a discernibletrend.In reality, there has long

been a segment of the business travel population that has the methods and expert flexibility to include leisure days onto business journeys. Travel-related businesses, including Bridgestreet, are no doubt excited to bring in these customers, who will spend more cash per trip than those who likewant to keep their travel strictly professional. And terrible marketing neologisms such as “bleisure”can assist companies believe more thoroughly about how to bring in specific subsets of customers.What does the average business tourist need to know? Well, simply that including a couple of extra individual

days on to a business journey can be a lot of fun. But numerous people don’t have that kind of versatility. If you are closing an offer and requirehave to return to HQ, you may need to be in and out in less than 1 Day. Maybe individual dedications at housein the house mean you cant book that additional day in Singapore. Or possibly you just cant pay for to pay your own way in the sorts of places to which your company sends you. Anyhow, if you do add an extra day or two, please observe just one rule: do not call it “bleisure”.


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