Zazie Owner ‘Not Sorry’ Concerning Her Anti-Toddler Comments; Enterprise Booming From…

January 3, 2016 Nemes Worldwide News

Just a quick update about what Hoodline has dubbed Toddlergate the dustup this past week over a few off-the-cuff comments by the operator of Zazie, posted to a Cole Area neighborhood Myspace group, about how parents of children three years old plus younger ought to probably just not go out to enjoy with the youngsters (at the very least not within small community restaurants). Owner Jennifer Bennett Piallat informs Hoodline that even though she misgivings the bad association of which parents have now made with the girl restaurant her comments, just so you know, were made according to a situation with a nearby boston sushi restaurant when a bunch of kids were running amok shes not remorseful and will not get removing the from the Fb group.

Internet marketing not getting [the post] down, and I am not remorseful, if thats what people are searching for, said Paillat yesterday. All those children wrecked my night; I did not be able to have a nice, calming sushi meal between work and clay-based class since two women didnt control their kids, the girl said. There were two children at in the bar about age seven or even eight who were super charming, asking about the different types of species of fish and how to make use of chopsticks; I loved that will, but toddlers have no put in place a small neighborhood sushi spot.

Also, even as we pointed out in the original write-up, while Piallat does admit children have been welcome from Zazie, and there are even 3 kids whove been arriving at the cafe since they were born that are named Zazie, she made a follow-up declaration on Facebook that implies she remains to be biased against misbehaving toddlers even in her own place of business. Children (6-12 or so) usually are my favorite guests. Theyre thus curious! the lady wrote. And infants are basically okay as long as their particular parents know they have to take the tablets outside if the crying starts off. But toddlers are satanic and its exhausting.

Sensitive as this topic is usually, it makes statements whenever a restaurateur takes this type of stand. A great Australian cafe made around the world news within the summer with regard to banning youngsters under the associated with seven, in addition to similarly a new Pennsylvania restaurant tried banning kids under six a few years ago, leading to a similar uproar.

Meanwhile, it sounds like enterprise is booming as ever from Zazie and Piallat says shes only gotten direct emails regarding support coming from customers, and no one whos angry has reached out with her directly. Hoodline says clients were arranged for tables Friday morning with a 30-minute wait, for each usual, and judging from the commenter response on SFist, brunch ought to be booming this weekend as well.

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