WINNER’s Mino Is Slammed For Misogynistic Lyrics On ‘Program Me The MoneyThe Cash 4’

July 17, 2015 Nemes Money

Netizen Buzz released some of the top responses from Oriental web users. More than 674 users concurred with a statement which compared hip-hop culture with appropriate practices in Koren society. This may be acceptable in hip-hop culture but not in Korean culture, stated the unnamed user. There are things which simply ought to not be said and this is one of them.

Despite his lyrics, the idol group member emerged from his fight as the victor. His addition on the program has received extensive criticism, following the victory of iKONs Bobby in Show Me the Moneythe cash 3.

Epik Highs Tablo guaranteed reasonable judging of Tune, although he is signed to YG Home entertainment. There is no premium for YG, said Tablo. YG might have ended up in last place, in 2014.

Ratings for Show Me the Moneythe cash continue to increase, despite the controversy. According to a report published by Chosun, the July 10 episode reflected the greatest scores for the program, with 3.3 percent. This increase of viewership was reflected across several platforms consisting of cable broadcast through Mnet and IPTV.

The third episode of Show Me the Money 4 taken advantage of a surprise appearance by American rap legend, Snoop Dogg. The rap fight show is likewise at the focus of scrutiny, following a drunk driving scandal including Zico of Block B and his supervisor. At the time of publication, Zico remains innocent of any criminal activities association with the small motor automobileautomobile mishap, which took locationhappened on July 8, while his manager remians under investigation.


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