What Do Women Want?

November 22, 2014 Nemes Politics

Terzakis meets me on a dreary New England morning in the lobby of my hotel in Manchester. She is using a dress made of gray suit product, maroon shiny leather pumps and a smile that can eliminate anxiety quickly.

Id discovered Terzakis through a womens company networking organization, and she introduced me to her liberal buddy, Hayes. Though theyd both matured in Democratic homes, their outlooks diverged someplace along their life journeys.

Terzakis inquires about my dinner the night before with Hayes, whod spoken freely about how she overcame a long and harmful battle with bipolar condition and alcohol.

She didnt permit her conditions to specify her, Terzakis states of her friend. She stuck it out. Shes not a quitter. I believe that dynamic is incredible in women.

Her remarks set the tone for our conversation.

She makes herself comfy in an armchair and states that Washington could discover a lesson or 2or more from her relationship with Hayes. All that partisan bickering and allergy to compromise is destroying America.

Though she disagrees with Obama– lost want to inform him to do an all-systems halt and thinkconsider why Americans are screaming– she states he cant catch a break on golden wings.

In her childhood, she recalls, politics was respectable. As a young woman, she idolized Suggestion ONeill, the outspoken liberal speaker of the Houseyour home from Massachusetts.

He was a master in the art of the deal. He sat down and respectfully listened to you, she states. Ive never specified a person by one note.


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