The Power Politics Behind China’s Climate Pledge

November 30, 2014 Admin Politics

Breaking through that opposition in the Chinese system needs a specific dosage of raw political power, and current moves by Xi on anti-corruption and economic restructuring suggest he could be concentrating adequate strength in his own hands to begin bending the country’s long-term emissions curve.

That political muscle is something that had been missing out on for much of the previous years. Xi’s predecessor, previous president Hu Jintao, was typically identified as the “very first amongst equals” in a politburo that treasured agreement. While the system generated 10 years of hyper-fast development, the price tag came in the form of environmental degradation and politics increasingly regulated by interest groups curtained in powerful patronage networks, specialists said.Leading state-owned oil business influenced or merely ignored policies on gasoline quality standards, mining authorities got rich off legal and unlawful coal mines, and mammoth facilities outlays stimulated quickly development for state-owned cement and steel producers.


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