Paul Simon, At Princeton, Promotes Artists’ Point Of View On Society, Politics

March 15, 2015 Nemes Politics

He noted that though artists are commonly especially conscientious of social issues, their ideas are seldom taken seriously. Simon recalled that he was never ever asked for his views when he played at political fundraisers.

Artists have a very essentiala crucial perspective on life and considering that its being excluded more and more by popular culture and politics, that reveals the battle between art and anti-art, Simon said. The world is so brutal therefore consumed with speed and wealth that it calls for a continuous redefinition of art.

Nevertheless, Simon recommended that artists need to respondreact to this anti-art belief by remaining to explore their enthusiasms.

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Why March 4 Is A Terrific Day For Women In Politics

March 13, 2015 Nemes Politics

On the same date, March 4, many years apart, 2 ladies made history in American politics. In 1917, Jeannette Rankin took office as an agent of Montana, the first lady ever in Congress. The first female member of a presidents cabinet, Frances Perkins, took her post on Mar. 4, 1933. Both were pioneers, carvingtaking their functions as they went along. However their achievements extended beyond just showingappearing as the first ladies in what had actually previously been male political balls. Rankin took a prominent represent womens suffrage and pacifism, and Perkins concepts laid the groundwork for the New Deal and social security.… Click Here to Read More



Perry On Politics: A Scandal That May Capture A Clinton

March 9, 2015 Nemes Politics

Hillary Clinton (Associated Press image)

By James M. Perry

Hillary Rodham Clinton may lastly be in trouble.

The basic problem seems to be that shes simply too much of everything. Too much money. Too much ego. Too much shaving corners to get her method.

The latestThe most recent example of her imperial tendencies is the business of utilizing her own personal emails, instead of government ones, when she was Barack Obamas secretary of state. Republicans have actually been agitating for months to encourage voters that Mrs. Clinton was liable, in part a minimum of, for the fatal raid on the United States substance in Benghazi, Libya. Now they have suggestions … Click Here to Read More



5 Sentences That Discuss American Politics In 2015

March 8, 2015 Nemes Politics

Heres a sentence that catches official Washingtons stress and anxiety about a President Hillary Clinton, in addition to its hope for a fresh strategy to politics:

Like a blast of wintry air in July, the worst of 1990s-style politics is intruding on exactly what requireshas to be a brand-new millennium campaign: Transparent, inspirational, innovative, and beyond ethical reproach. [National Journal]

Thats Ron Fournier describing the revelation, by The New york city Times, that Clinton made use of a private e-mail address for her State Department correspondence. In doing so, the emails werent instantly archived, and instead hadneeded to be provided to the State Department by Clintons personnel.

Hillary Clinton is … Click Here to Read More



Politics Virtually Drowns Out Message

March 6, 2015 Nemes Politics

History, like the politics that typically produces it, is unpleasant. Our backward looks at, state, the alliance that won World War II see only the arrangements and the partnerships. We miss the challenging negotiations, the minor games and the political showboating. Not so the history unfolding prior to us. It is as messy as can be.Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahus appearance before Congress falls under the unpleasant classification. There was absolutely nothing neat about it … except his warning. The speech came of politics at his end and ours. Prime Minister Netanyahu is in a domestic political battle of his own. His appearance prior to the United States Congress and, … Click Here to Read More



Obama: Noise Theology And Smart Politics

March 4, 2015 Nemes Politics

President Obamas statements, last week, at the annual National Prayer Breakfast were theologically sound and politically smart. In spite of this, his comments set off a storm of criticism from conservative critics who took him to job for both his faith and his politics. While I can not read their hearts, their rhetoric was so predictable and so extreme, that I presume some were triggered by a mix of blind ideology and anti-Muslim animus, combined with a tinge of bigotry. More to the point, the Presidents critics are just plain wrong– theologically and politically.

What President Obama stated was so extensive, it bears duplicating:

… [We] see faith being twisted

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For State-worker Couples, Politics Part Of Valentine’s Day

March 1, 2015 Nemes Politics

LANSING – 7 years earlier, a boyish-faced young man and a big-smiling young woman tied the knot.Theyd met through a mutual good friend. He liked her positive personality, and she made him laugh. She liked how sweet and caring he was, and loved how close he was to his family.They had a lot in common.

They enjoyed dinners and motion pictures, socializing with friends.Theyd both worked at an East Lansing retirement

house. But on the day they signed their wedding license, they both had a couple of years under their belts as workers of Michigan state government.Today, Mark Sanchez Jr., 29, is on leave from the Department of Innovation, Management… Click Here to Read More



Geopolitics Versus Politics In Greek Financial Obligation Drama

February 26, 2015 Nemes Politics

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – In the tug-of-war over Greeces financial obligation crisis, geopolitics and domestic politics are pulling in opposite directions.

Greeces strategic place and ties to Russia offer its brand-new leftist-led government some take advantage of in its battle to make European Union lenders reduce up on austerity and give Athens more time to repay its mountain of financial obligation, if it ever does.The result of

this newest round of Europes Greek drama might likewise figure out whether the euro currency is irreversible, as its creators declared, or if it will unwind.

If the weakest link were to fall, EU officials and experts say markets would right away concentrate on … Click Here to Read More



Cash In Politics Still Streams Free After All Tallies Are Counted

February 23, 2015 Nemes Politics

Money in politics still streams totally free after all ballots are countedBuy Picture

Nevada Assemblyman Chris Edwards, R-Las Vegas, indicators his certificate of election on the Assembly floor before opening-day ceremonies at the Legislative Structure in Carson City on Monday, Feb. 2, 2015. (Cathleen Allison/Las Vegas Review-Journal)

Money in politics still streams complimentary after all ballots are counted

Derek Armstrong, prospect for Assembly District 21, addresses the Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial board on Wednesday, Sept. 24, 2014. (Mark Damon/Las Vegas Review-Journal)

Cash in politics still streams free after all ballots are counted

Newly-elected Assembly Speaker John Hambrick, R-Las Vegas, answers media questions following during opening day ceremonies at the Legislative

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What Everybody Must Know About Workplace Politics

February 17, 2015 Nemes Politics

Nobody really likes office politics. In fact, mosta lot of us attempt to prevent all of it costs. However the reality is that companies are, by nature, political companies, which impliesmeanings that if you desirewish to make it through and prosper at work, you can not just sit out on the sidelines. If you wantwish to make an impact in your very own organization, like it or not, you’re going to needhave to discover to play the video game. That doesn’t mean you need to play unclean, however you need to determine how to influence those around you.

In our HBR.org series on workplace politics, we asked professionals to provide … Click Here to Read More



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