Raising Money And Breast Cancer Awareness In The Mud

August 12, 2015 Nemes Money

PRAGUE– As soon as a year, a Nebraska town of 346 ends up being a town of 3,000.

Occasion organizer Jeremy Stanislav stated about 1,200 individuals encamped in the Saunders County town of Prague in anticipation of the eighth yearly Beat Bust Cancer Mud Volley ball Tournament Saturday. About 3,000 revealedappeared in total.Stanislav said hed been expecting a participation drop for the charity tournament that does not appear to be coming. He stated he thought there was no method they might keep generating 3,000 individuals each year, however people keep showing up to raise money and awareness for bust cancer. Even the self-proclaimed big thinker never anticipated the tournament would get as huge as it has.I cant even tell you in words how incredible it is and exciting it is at the same time, Stanislav said.Registration for the event opened June 2. All 256 group spots filled within eight minutes, he said.Stanislav is floored by the way the small town of Prague transforms into the fun, supportive atmosphere it does each year.Its the

most amazing thing Ive ever seen, Stanislav said.Stanislav said Pink Bandanna, the group arranging the occasion, had actually generated just under $30,000 by midafternoon

Saturday.Pink Bandana is a not-for-profit organization based in Lincoln and devoted to raising awareness of breast cancer among women age 40 and under. The group contributes money to patients and their families.Like the year prior to, the group offeredoffered 2 $10,000 awards to bust cancer survivors. This years receivers were Jennifer Arens of Norfolk and Missi Haman of Omaha.Haman, 32, has been fighting phase 4 cancer for about a decade. She was very firstwased initially identified with stage 3B to 3C cancer on Oct. 10, 2005, when she was 22 years of ages. She has fought three various bouts of the condition, and was detected most just recently more than a year ago.She blog sites about her treatment and her experiences fighting bust cancer. Haman works as a hospitality expert and catering manager at the Holland Carrying out Arts Center and Orpheum Theater in Omaha.As a survivor, you need to understand that theres going to be down days, Haman stated. But you need to be as positive as possible. That doesn’t mean that we do not sob, or that we don’t break down. It suggests that were going to discover joy in anything in the day.She stated people fighting cancer must try appreciating the little things per day, whether its a better meal or a satisfying episode of a TV show.Haman thought it was outrageous that she got the $10,000 award, while her good friends couldnt think of anyone more deserving. Shes been fighting cancer for so long, she stated, that she believed those diagnosed more recently were more deserving.Stanislav and Pink Bandanna didnt think so. Both Haman and Arens were called to separate interviews to meetmeet with organizers. The receivers were informed

the meetings were to learnto find out more about them as prospects. Instead, they were shocked with the news they were the receivers. Arens called it a great trick and said the experience was surreal.She said the organizers asked her if she had any questions at the end

of her interview. Arens thoughtconsidered it for a second.Why me? she asked.Why not you? they replied.Life doesn’t stop for those fighting breast cancer, Arens said. It was a difficulty to raise her 2 children, one 7 and the other 4, after her medical diagnosis in June 2014. After 16 rounds of chemo and 25 rounds of radiation, she has actually remained in remission because March. She got by with a lot of aid from her buddies, household and co-workers, she said.Arens played in the tournament Saturday on a team called My Bust Buddies. She was shocked to find out beach ball comes second at the

volleyball tournament. People exist to have enjoyablehave a good time and to

boost those who are fighting and have actually made it through breast cancer. And its all thanks to the event organizers, she said.They go entirely out of their method to do something sensational for complete strangers, Arens said.


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