July, 2014

Understanding the Importance of Education in National Development

July 22, 2014 Admin Education

Education is believed to be the bedrock of any serious nations development; hence it is incumbent on such countrys government and relevant stakeholders to take the issues of education seriously. In other words, it is fundamental to growth and development, and serves as critical indices to measure progress of development agenda. There is no gainsaying […]



The Legal Argument for Gay Marriage Just Hit Its First Major Bump

July 22, 2014 Admin Legal

For better or for worse, the constitutional theory providing equal rights to gay people is entirely authored by Justice Anthony Kennedy. As everybody now knows, Kennedy penned the trilogy of gay rights opinions that lie behind an unbroken streak of judicial wins for gay marriage in the states. At first glance, todays 10th Circuit opinion […]



Florida Citrus Sports names new finance executive

July 21, 2014 Admin Finance

ORLANDO, Fla. — A former NBA executive has been named chief financial officer for Florida Citrus Sports. Scott Herring was named to the position last week. He has spent the past two years with the NBAs Memphis Grizzlies as the teams vice president of finance. He also previously spent 20 years with the Orlando Magic […]



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