Not Your Grandfather’s Razor: IKon And The CompanyBusiness Of Men’s Pet Grooming

May 14, 2015 Admin Random

When Gregory Kahn started constructing his own steel security razors, he was doing it to treat his dissatisfaction with the lightweight plastic cartridge razors that injure when he used them and inflamed his face when he was done. What made his move a company was the reality that lots of other fellas out there were suffering the exact same discomfort point.

“Basically I’m a person who didn’t such aswant to shave,” says Kahn, 44, creator of iKon Razors (yes, that’s a play on his name), a small, Texas-based business that develops and manufactures guys’s grooming tools. “I constantly had irritation from shaving– it was a task.” His 5-person business can’t seem to make item fast enough as the 2,000 CNC-cut steel pieces that are produced monthly get bought as quicklyas quickly as they hit the marketplace, priced between $80 and $135 each.


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