Marco Rubio On Education: 5 Things The Governmental Candidate Wants You To …

May 8, 2015 Admin Education

Senator Marco Rubio of Florida today becomes the 3rd freshman senator to get in the field for the Republican presidential election. Over the previous few years he has opposed Common Curriculum standards and advocated for educational vouchers, a federal business earnings tax credit and an overhaul of the college student loan industry.

Speaking at Miami’s Flexibility Tower, he stated, “All parents should have to select the education that’s right for their kids.” These are a few of his other views:

College Degrees:

Not everybody should be required to obtain a four-year degree in order to discover a job. There are millions of good-paying jobs out there and we should allow people to have access to skills they require in an affordable way. In the 21st century a few of the finestthe very best jobs need more than high school-traditional high school-but less than four years of college.

We shouldn’t be stigmatizing those occupation professions. We need to be finishing more people from high school all set to work as plumbers, electrical experts, welders, machinists, BMW specialists, you name it. We have too numerousa lot of people finishing with a four-year degree that doesn’t cause jobs. And they owe tens of thousands of dollars. We must inform students if you graduate with a significant in Greek viewpoint you’re going to struggle to discover a task since the marketplace for Greek thinkers is tight.

Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) interview with Sean Hannity, February 2015

School Choice:


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