Local Seniors’ Money-managing Company Being Probed

September 9, 2015 Nemes Money

CLEVELAND– The Consumer Security Association is a non-profit group that has actually handled cash for challenged senior citizens and those with mental health or substancedrug abuse issues for decades.The company is

now shut down and under federal examination dealing with management and possible criminal issues.Rocky Rivers Pat OBrien is a senior who admits she needs help making a spending plan. The association has gotten her Social Security and pension look for years. It’ses a good idea her costs and sends her an allowance. Pat simply found out through a letter that Social Security will certainly not send her checks there.She states I stressed … Im not greatbad at handling money … I believed Im in deep difficulty. I don’t know how I am going to pay next months rent. She and others like her are rushing to obtain linked with comparable budget plan groups to make sure they can get their checks at the start of next month.The Alcohol, Drug Dependency and Mental Health Services(ADAMHS)Board of Cuyahoga County is a main funder of the association. It has stopped sending out cash and customers there since of complaints about bounced checks or non-payments. Pat asserts her insurance payments have actually not been made and her policy has expired.

. Executive Director Bill Denihan admits the scenario is troubling. he states the Association had been operating well for years. However problems began showingappearing in 2011. ADAMHS did its own current investigation.Denihan stated the books were inauditable … We cant determine how they remained in business.Asked if the concerns were of competence or honesty, Denihan stated, Regrettably I believe its both.ADAMHS is trying to assist customers handle the challenging scenario. The association has 525 overall clients.Social Security provided some funding that has now stopped. Social Security contacts did not return our require more information.Channel 3 learned Social Securitys own representatives are checking out accusations of scams including 177 victims and$2 million.Friday the Associations front

workplace door was open. However no one respondedreacted to calls or door knocking inside.The structures proprietor claimed the companies director was within.

Chuck Najm claims customers have actually been besieging the closed office asking him wheres my checks ADAMHS will have workers at the downtown Cleveland Social Security workplace in the Anthony J. Celebrezze Federal Building at 1240 E 9th Street on Monday and association workplaces at 3030 Euclid Avenue.They will tryaim to help customers get linked with comparable services.Denihan stated there are just two other companies that do this and theres a limit to new customers they can take.And one charges hard-pressed customers$

40 a week for something Pat and many other customers got for free.Pats response to news some clients may have been duped? Shes excellent and mad. These are hardworking people. These are individuals reliantbased on this …

Its not right.


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