Jon Stewart Discovers Democrats Are AgainstProtest Cash In Politics, Other Than When They …

November 13, 2014 Nemes Politics

The Democrats talk a good game when it comes to removing the impact of cash in politics, but they sure don’t seem to back up their words with actions.

On Monday nights Daily Program, host Jon Stewart revealed that Democratic politicians aren’t exactly shy about accepting money from their own big-money donors, including a recent event for Head of state Barack Obama that was hosted by a real estate developer named Rich Richman.

And after that naturally there are the emails, Stewart said, describing the consistent fundraising e-mails sent out by Democratic prospects and causes. With a frequency and desperation matched just by a Nigerian prince offering a Groupon offer for boner pills, the Democrats and the e-mails will certainly not stop attempting to make you give them money.Stewart shared

a few of the weirdest fundraising e-mails sent out by Democrats. You wont think how desperate they seemed.


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