Farmingdale Business In Order To Debut Water In Bottles This Month

January 11, 2016 Nemes Random

We all bought a drill rig inside 1992, said Ed Bowie, of Bowie Bros. Properly Drilling. They drilled a proper behind the office on Maine Avenue inside Farmingdale, still dropping more than six hundred feet in addition to finding water. The water has been good. Zero color without staining, Bowie said, and the idea of bottling it began to take shape. But the well drilling company was great, and thats where the company devoted the time and energy.

Nevertheless 2008 folded in plus the housing market in Maine folded over, taking related companies like well drilling from it, Bowie and his wife, Deb, started thinking of other options. Certainly one of Bowie Bros. Well Drillings underused property was its storefront over a well-traveled US 201 along the Kennebec River. When they regarded as what use they could set that room to, they had another idea to open a beverage shop offering ale and wine. Even as they got the Cobbossee Refreshment Shop ready to go in 2013, they had an additional underused asset to tap — typically the well right behind the shop that produces water for a price of 139 gallons for each minute. They carried on to develop the concept of bottling water and planned out what it might take to help to make Maine Mist happen.

The bottling in addition to selling well water is more complicated compared to poking a new hole inside the ground and collecting the water that pockets up.

Corporate requirements plus standards from both the federal and state levels by way of a variety of agencies and sections, some extended and complex, must be fulfilled to ensure the normal water is safe with regard to consumption, the aquifer water comes from are not stressed, and that the exchanged containers — three and several gallons — are sanitized properly. Treating the water is actually a multi-step process that includes a sediment pre-filter, two carbon filters, reverse osmosis, an atmospheric storage tank and recirculating the water together with ozone and adjusting the pH to incorporate hardness and also a bit of flavour.

The cost — paid for by the partners with bank financing — could be high, but its worth the danger. Sales associated with bottled water in america were anticipated to reach $14 billion in 2014, according to the International Water in bottles Association, plus demand has been expected to carry on and grow.

Its also a competing business. Maine Mist will join the nearly a couple of dozen companies that at present bottle promote water within the state. On top of the heap is the Nestle-owned Poland Suspension systems.

Were starting out small , Craig Winter said. Winter is actually a principal in addition to partner in the venture, and he oversees quality control. Hes had lengthy experience with that will through his very own business, Advanced Quality Normal water Solutions.

Each of the water will probably be bottled about site in Cobbossee Beverage. They have began lining up clients through their particular contacts, discovering businesses, schools and people they know who will be in the market for bottled water. Both Wintertime and Bowie know that not all well drinking water is good, which many people would rather buy bottled water rather than visiting the expense of treating their own.

But even while bottled water offers convenience, that presents a good environmental obstacle that is taking shine off the business for a lot of.

The plastic bottles are a problem, Winter mentioned. Other options are problematic, thus theyll keep exploring choices.

Were looking for some thing more green than plastic material, Bowie mentioned.

In the meantime, they are working to get Maine Air off the ground.

Weve done so much work in the very last four or five yrs, Deb Bowie said. Weve spent as well as our own money on the retail store, and its exactly the same for the drinking water company.

Folks dont recognize what it takes to perform a business, Male impotence Bowie said. The benefits are great. Producing something your self, knowing a person did it you did it. The important.

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