Ex-judges Bolt Legal Journal Over Ban On Term ‘Unlawful Alien’

September 30, 2015 Admin Legal

A pair of veteran migration judges have actually left a widely read legal journal over its ban on the term unlawful alien, calling the choice a case of the political correctness word cops taking control of the migration dispute.

Retired United States Immigration Court judges Mahlon Mick Hanson and Elizabeth Hacker, who composed opinion articles for Law360s expert analysis area considering that the start of this year, state they made use of the term unlawful alien without problem. However when they submitted an article in July on sanctuary cities, the editors of the publication declined to release it unless certain changes were made, including the removal of the term unlawful alien.

Language needs to adhere to Law360 style, avoiding exactly what is perceived to be derogatory reference to unlawful aliens, Christian Lewis, assistant handling editor of Law360, composed in a July 30 email to Dale Wilcox of the Migration Reform Law Institute, who was submitting the piece on behalf of the judges because they are IRLI board members.

The only lawfully appropriate term is unlawful alien.

– Retired US Migration Judge Mahlon Hanson

I comprehend based on the authors June 10 article that they think this is a semantic argument, nevertheless our publication does follow the rule that unlawful applies to actions, not individuals, Lewis wrote.

Law360– a subscription, legal news source which boasts a readership of 400,000 and is operated by the Profile Media business, a subsidiary of LexisNexis– first recommended the judges change the language to undocumented alien then unauthorized alien. In addition, Lewis questioned the sources used by the experienced immigration jurists in writing their piece, which roundly criticized sanctuary cities following the July 1 murder of 32-year-old Kathryn Steinle. Francisco Sanchez, an illegal alien, is implicated of eliminating Steinle, who was shot while walking with her dad in San Francisco. Sanctuary cities are communities that have an official policy of not coordinating with federal authorities in the detention of prohibited immigrants or handing them over for deportation.


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