District Attorneys Likely Desire Supposed Church Shooter’s Pal To Affirm, Legal …

September 27, 2015 Nemes Legal

COLUMBIA, SC Legal experts say prosecutors likely have charged Dylann Roofs buddy because they want him to testify at the supposed church shooters trial.

That statement could assist reveal Roofing systems alleged acts were premeditated and deliberate, which are essential to pursuing a death charge case.

Roofings buddy, Joey Meek, deals with federal charges of lying to detectives and hiding information that, if founded guilty, might land him in prison for years.

Long-time criminal defense attorney Jack Swerling says prosecutors likely have more take advantage of with Meek now that he is charged. Previous United States lawyer Pete Strom states he anticipates the federal government to strongly pursue any potential witness who could shed light on Roofs case, perhaps providing a plea deal or sentence suggestion in exchange for cooperation.


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