Cash, ‘politics Of Fear’ Beat Democrats Elsewhere, But Not In Oregon …

December 25, 2014 Admin Politics

By Rep. Val Hoyle

In a sharp contrast with November election leads to much of the nation, Democrats in the Oregon Legislature have not just kept our strong bulk we expanded it.

It was a tough election cycle for numerous of our colleagues and allies in other states. Regretfully, the politics of worry and cynicism prevailed in far too lots of races around the country, propelled by extremely biglarge project contributions from a small handful of unique interests. The elections in November saw huge victories beyond Oregon by prospects whose sole program is to block any kind of progress and keep government bogged down in gridlock.

Im proud to state, nevertheless, that Oregon voters have as soon as again selected to take a different course. Democrats in the Homeyour house and Senate broadened our majorities, to 35 in the Homeour home and 18 in the Senate.

Heres how we did it:

Certainly, having one of the greatest voter turnouts in the country was important, and our system of vote by mail is one element of that. So is Oregons long, pleased history of civic engagement.

But there was far more than just the mechanics of how we vote. Oregon House Democrats victoried by staying true to our values like standing up for working families and ensuring that ladies aren’t left. We were out knocking on doors every day talking to voters about protecting the minimum wage, ensuring that females get equal pay, paid ill leave and better access to quality, cost effective youngsterday care. We not just talked about making huge investments in education, we might point to our record of passing the greatest K-12 spending plan in the states history last session, which resulted in working with more teachers and decreasing course sizes.

Our prospects all have deep, significant roots in their neighborhoods, which meantmeaninged that when their opponents introduced a volley of ugly, deceitful attacks versus them, they landed with a thud. By contrast, Democrats dedicated to staying focused on combatingdefending the important things that matter most to Oregon families.

For me, the big takeaway from last months elections is this: Voters in these Residence races rejected the politics of worry and negative thoughts. Voters said no to over-the-line, commonly racially charged attacks, and they disposed of the straight-out falsehoods in our challengers ads.

But voters required something to vote for, and Im proud to state that House Democrats ran our projects on a clear vision of a future economy in which every working household has a shot at prosperity. We presented an agenda of purchasing our schools and critical services, while making certain that were holding government responsible. This is exactly what made the distinction.

We couldnt have actually been successful in this election without the commitment of our numerous volunteers, who put in countless hours knocking on doors and making telephone call in support of prospects they believe in. In the last 5 days alone, we knocked on more than 50,000 doors in key races to see to it that voters kipped down their tallies.

In the coming legislative session, weve got a lot of work to do to see to it that Oregon can be the kind of place where everybody can thrive. Im grateful that Oregon voters have actually put their rely on Residence and Senate Democrats to make excellent things take place. Im hopeful that Oregon will certainly remain to be a model for how legislators can interact throughout the aisle to improve the lives of all working households.

Democrat Val Hoyle, who stands for West Eugene and Junction City in the Oregon Legislature, is Home bulk leader.


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