Analysis: More Money, More Democracy

August 23, 2015 Nemes Money

While Rick Perry is doing his finest acting of the afflict victim in Monty Python and the Holy Grail Im not dead! lets talk project financing.

The court choices that put rich individuals and companies in control of federal elections might really be making presidential politics more democratic.

Money gets candidates like Perry to focus phasespotlight even if they cant muster enough small contributions from routine individuals to keep a standard project going. A lots years back, the condition Perry is presently in not paying staffers on a presidential campaign in August of the year prior to the election would suffice making vultures circle.

Now, its simply a mark of a change in strategy. The former guvs campaign is out of money, but assistants are spinning like insane to discuss why he can continue. One factor is obvious: His very PAC, developed generally with the largess of three rich donors, has actually collected some $17 million.

That should suffice to keep Perry in the contest.


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