5 Small BusinessSmall Company Success Secrets That Work For Big Company

September 20, 2014 Nemes Random

Among the happiness of running a small agency is that we get to work for all sort of customers from the really small (literally Mom and Pop startups) to the enormous (Ford, Chase, 3M).

I think we typically discover more from our work for smaller sized customers which’s counterintuitive, isn’t really it? When I was really young, I believed that knowledge and business experience streamed downhill from the lofty heights of executive conference rooms to house workplaces. I have actually because found out that just as commonly, the knowledge flow is uphill from the little to the huge. I ought to have known that, anyhow.

My papa made use of to say, “We’re leaving money on the table if we don’t follow up with every buyer who comes into our showroom, whether we got an order or not.” In those days he possessed a precious jewelry manufacturing business on 36th Street in New York City.

The plant was downstairs with the designers. My dad stayed upstairs, in the display room, where he ‘d display his precious jewelry on lovely black velvet trays for buyers from chain shops and the precious jewelry equivalent of wholesalers.

He always sent each buyer a follow-up thank you note, commonly with a little present. His company flourished for several years, thanks a minimum of partly to his follow-up notes. (The power of an individual letter in making a business remarkable can’t be beat.)


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