November, 2016

Dr. Jeffrey Mechanick Part 5, Tips to Alter Lifestyle

November 30, 2016 Nemes Lifestyle

Dr. Jeffrey Mechanick talks with Diabetes in Control Publisher Steve Freed at the 2016 AACE Meeting. In part 5 of this Exclusive Interview, Dr.… Click Here to Read More


Whitby Bad Credit Mortgages Now Offered by Whitby Mortgage Brokers

November 29, 2016 Nemes

The aim of the company is to increase the awareness of clients to new bad credit mortgages for their benefit. Prior to the request of clients, the mortgage agents will thereby arrange a second or first mortgage for their homes.… Click Here to Read More



Delek Taps JPMorgan, HSBC for $1.75 Billion Leviathan Funds

November 27, 2016 Nemes Finance

Israel-based Delek Group Ltd., controlled by billionaire Yitzchak Teshuva, secured as much as $1.75 billion in loans to help finance development of the country's biggest natural gas reservoir. Israeli gas shares rose. Delek units Delek Drilling LP and Click Here to Read More


Ellicott City shops packed on Small Business Saturday

November 27, 2016 Nemes

Small Business Saturday is especially important for the city this year after many businesses were devastated by the flooding in July.… Click Here to Read More



Data Dive: Hey millennials, need credit? Big data may have an answer

November 26, 2016 Nemes

The XD program does nothing for those already in the regular FICO system who have bad credit. To find out your credit score, it may be available from your bank, or you can get a free annual copy of your credit report (but not the three-digit score Click Here to Read More



Will politics get in the way of Thanksgiving dinner?

November 24, 2016 Nemes Politics

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton get ready to debate in Hempstead, New York on Monday.… Click Here to Read More


82000 ATMs recalibrated: Finance Ministry

November 24, 2016 Nemes Finance

NEW DELHI: The Finance Ministry on Wednesday said that of the 2 lakh ATMs in the country, 82,000 have already been recalibrated and people can withdraw the new Rs 500 and Rs 2,000 notes from these.… Click Here to Read More


Uber economics – Livemint

November 23, 2016 Nemes

A new US study shows traditional taxi drivers are five times more likely to work in excess of 50 hours a week than Uber drivers, yet their earnings are …… Click Here to Read More



Shannon Cullinan appointed vice president for finance at Notre Dame

November 21, 2016 Nemes Finance

Shannon Cullinan, currently associate vice president for University Relations and executive director for campaign administration at the University of Notre Dame, has been appointed the University's vice president for finance, effective Jan. 1 Click Here to Read More


Credit One vs. Milestone

November 20, 2016 Nemes

When you have bad credit, it can be very difficult to rebuild it. Past mistakes can follow you, and you may have to open a new account in order to start rebuilding your credit history.… Click Here to Read More



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