Young Money: Sofa Surfing For Deals

June 23, 2015 Nemes Money

I remained in the market for a brand-new couch after a current move, however instead of buying a $700 one at Macys, I purchased a $400 one online.It was a somewhat demanding, lengthy and nerve-wracking process that eventually saved me hundreds of dollars and led to a perfectly compacted box of sofa pieces at my door within a week (assembly was required), rather than waiting two months for the Macys couch to go off back order.I invested days searching across numerous web sites, reading customer user reviews, comparing prices and features like how long each sofa was, measuring and remeasuring the living roomliving-room to attemptattempt to envision how the couch would fit and still felt my nerves flutter as I pushed the submit button on a beige, 78-inch couch with an average of 4.4 from 5 stars from previous customers.Despite the evident downsides of buying something whose most essentialessential function is how comfy it lacks taking it for a trial run first, a growing number of people are turning to the Web to furnish their houses.


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