Truly Certified Economist Required As Finance Minister

February 8, 2015 Nemes Finance

YOURSAY lsquo; There are brand-new problems which require brand-new state of minds and fast options.

MP: While modifying spending plan, modify finance minister, too

FellowMalaysian: It resembles the twin malaise that has actually hit our economy the last couple of months need to have caused a serious blow to Premier Najib Abdul Razaks ability to hold on to his finance minister post to the level that he is being compelled to make extreme and immediate modifications to the countrys budget for 2015.

The depreciation of our ringgit versus the USD in addition to the steep drop in our countrys income developing from an unabated fall in oil rates, position significant intractable imbalances to our economy.

With simply RM50.5 billion originally assigned in the budget plan for development this year, any more cuts, which might well hold true when a countrys income is suddenly reduced, will definitely influence the numerous mega transport tasks presently under construction in the Klang Valley.

The private sector will also be likewise impacted and it would be sensible to defer or stop entirely questionable highway jobs such as Kidex, Dashboard or Suke.

Checkamp; Balance: The finance ministers post ought to be held by an actually qualified economist specifically so throughout these critical times. How can there be check and balance when Najib holds both posts?

Confidential 1096$amp; 45: 44 years in politics becomes uselessspoils if the premier can not stay up to date with the changes. New issues need brand-new frame of minds and fast solutions.

But our premier is in the silent mode in addressing the rakyats problems.

Dalvik: Highest ever nationwide debt in history, 1MDB fails to pay on time, various service taxes on smart phones, Astro and charge card, are included problems on the rakyat.

The finance minister post must be left because it is proven that Najib can not spearhead two crucial posts. The Merdeka Centre should likewise make a survey on the efficiency of finance minister. I make sure the result should echo Kluang MP Liew Chin Tongs belief.

Love God n Do Gd: I concur with Liew that the finance minister ought to not be the head of state likewise. A completeA full-time finance minister as recommended by Liew ought to be appointed.

Imanust Nais Yalam: In any other normal nation, if the finance minister releaseds a fraud like 1MDB, he will be crucified instantly. In Malaysia, he gets rewarded with golf and shopping journeys all over the world. Malaysia is truly screwed by the 47 percent.

Caripasal: Not just the Finance Ministry, the whole cabinet needshas to be revamped. Cabinet and civil service should be downsized, and budget slashed. Incomes requirehave to be cut.

Take the immediate pain than the long-term pain. What is the point of having ineffective government servants if they continue to outsource their services at the expense of the rakyat.

The current outsourcing of foreign employee license renewals to MyEG is the best example. Do away with useless ministers, and lets start with finance minister and house minister.

Mamba: The wholeThe entire nation is paying for the huge expenditures sustained by PMs Department. This redundant department is ineffective. During previous PM Dr Mahathir Mohamads time, the PMs Department was kept slim and fit yet the country advanced.

CQ Muar: Wonder why MCA, Gerakan and MIC are meekly quiet with regard to Kluang MP Liew Chin Tongs statement about PM Najib holding the dual posts.

As typical, they are scared to incur the rage of the prime minister lest they fall out of favour, and lose their advantages.

Generally, it is mostly due to such coalition partners that the PM and his Umno-led government are at liberty to hold the trump card doing anything at will.

As the PM, Najib had been regularly criticised for his lackadaisical attitude, silence over important problems and around the world trotting with his partner and household.

It is remarkable indeed the method he addresses the rakyat (appearing on TELEVISION) with a brazen outward appearance as though nothing is amiss.

Doc: I make certain PMs Department and Permatas astronomical budget for 2015 will certainly not be revised however the remainder of the ministrys spending plan will certainly be reduced with a machete. I will certainly not be shocked that BRIM will be postponed/cancelled for 2015.

Whysoserious: Hes not superhuman, guys. People have defects. They make errors. Cut him some slack. Hes attempting his finest to make things better. Simply unwind and support him. Hell be a great leader with our help. One nation. One country. One objective. For a better future.

Essentially: Yes, Najib is doing such a great job that we are billions in financial obligation. Bravo. The ringgit is down to a horrible level compared to Brunei and Singapore dollar, all 3 were when on par.

That is a sure indication our economy is in the dumps, yet some people are still living in a dream world.

Call for Addict: Umno Baru is the longest serving government in the world. Ageing process is the law of nature. Expiry date is getting more detailed. Something to consider about.

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