Top NASCAR Stories Of 2014: No. 1– Tony Stewart, …

January 10, 2015 Nemes Worldwide News

The event made worldwide news and was possibly among the most divisive topics the sport has seen in lots ofseveral years. On one side were the loyal Stewart fans, who believed it was simply a racing accident, an unfortunate occasion that led to the sad and tragic loss of a fellow motorist’s life.

Then there was the opposite, those who criticized Stewart and held him accountable for Ward’s death. They required criminal charges, jail and the immediate end of his racing profession.

Many left commentsdiscuss MotorSportsTalk, vehemently upholding their own viewpoints pro or con versus Stewart.

An Ontario County (NY) Grand Jury was convened and for several weeks mulled over the evidence from the incident, along with testament from witnesses.

In the end, the Grand Jury absolved Stewart of any prospective criminal charges or liability in Ward’s death. Ward’s family still has the choice to bring a civil match versus Stewart, but to date that has actually not occurred.

Stewart missed the three NASCAR Sprint Cup races right away following the Ward catastrophe and stayed in privacy for that duration.

He lastly went back to racing at Atlanta but completed a frustrating 41st due to a wreck he was involvedassociated with.

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