The Leading Sports Company Stories Of 2014

February 7, 2015 Nemes Random

2014 has actually come to an end. Businesses high and low will certainly take stock in how they carried out over the calendar year, which holds realis true for professional sports. No matter which pro sports league in North America you analyzed, they all saw the bottom line grow substantially.

As with every year, some stories stand out more than others. Some good. Some bad. Some mark the change of time. Right here’s 10 top sports business stories that took place during 2014.

Alex Rodriguez Suspended For All Of 2014 Period For PEDs

This story really started in 2013 when the Miami News Times ran a bombshell of an expose’ revealing that more than a dozen players in Big league Baseball were being provided performance-enhancing substances by a Florida “renewal” center named “Biogenesis”. Within that group of gamers was New york city Yankees shortstop, and then the highest-paid gamer in the league, Alex Rodriguez.

Major League Baseball took the unmatched steps in August of 2013 of suspending without spend for the rest of the 2013 Championship Period and Postseason and the whole 2014 Championship Period for offenses of theJoint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program and the Fundamental Agreement. All informed, it made up 211 video games. Rodriguez and the MLB Players Association submitted an appeal and the case was heard by Fredric Horowitz, a third-party arbitrator. On January 11 of 2014, Horowitz ruled that Rodriguez would be suspended the entire routine season (162 video games) along with the whole 2014 Postseason, without pay. Rodriguez had actually submitted a suit in Federal court over the matter, and avoided to sabre rattling in a statement upon the statement of the final suspension.

“I have actually been clear that I did not use performance improving elements as alleged in the notification of discipline, or break the Standard Agreement or the Joint Drug Agreement in any way, and in order to prove it I will certainly take this fight to federal court,” Rodriguez stated in part in the statement. “I am positive that when a Federal Judge examines the whole of the record, the rumor statement of a criminal whose own records demonstrate that he dealt drugs to minors, and the lack of reputable proof presented by MLB, that the judge will certainly find that the panel blatantly neglected the law and truths, and will certainly reverse the suspension.”

However, by early February, Rodriguez had dropped the case. In November of 2014, it appeared that in a DEA admission Rodriguez had actually been using PEDs from late 2010 to October of 2012.

Adam Silver Takes control of As Commissioner Of The NBA From David Stern

On Feb 1, previous NBA COO Adam Silver marched from being the NBA’s # 2 in charge of the league, and took over as commissioner after David Stern retired. Prior to ending up being commissioner, Silver served as NBA Deputy Commissioner and Chief Operating Officer for eight years. Taking control of indicated big shoes for Silver to fill as Stern retired exactly 30-years to the day considering that taking control of as commissioner; the longest tenured commissioner in pro sports. Silver had been groomed for the position, and the shift was easy. However nothing most likely ready him for exactly what will happen less than 2 months from taking control of the position.

Donald Sterling Is Forced To Offer The LA Clippers After Racist Remarks

Donald Sterling was never ever really viewed as the bellwether for the NBA in terms of civic leadership. Sterling had been vilified as a slumlord in L.a, and at one point was required to pay $17.3 million to an actress who lost many of her possessions in a fire at a West Hollywood apartment structure he owns.

However when Sterling was recorded making racial comments about blacks– consisting of former Laker great Magic Johnson– it caused the NBA, and its new commissioner to delve into action.

After an internal NBA examination which includedthat included speaking with Sterling, on April 29, Sliver prohibited Sterling for life from any association with the Clippers or the NBA. That consisted of informing Sterling that he could not attend any NBA games or practices, exist at any Clippers office or center, or participatetake part in any professional or gamer workers decisions involving the group. Silver also levied a $2.5 million fine against Sterling, the optimum the NBA Constitution allowed for.

If all that just weren’t enough, Silver prompted the Board of Governors to exercise its authority to require a sale of the team.

And they did.

On May 1st, the NBA’s Advisory/Finance Committee satisfied by means of teleconference to go over the procedure for termination of Sterling’s ownership of the L.a Clippers. The Committee unanimously concurred to “progress as expeditiously as possible” and assembled the following week.

If the steps appeared swift, they were. However it was how the NBA wrested control of the Clippers from Sterling that added intrigue.

Donald’s separated partner Shelly Sterling eliminated her spouse as a trustee for the Sterling Family Trust, which then had the team, stating he was mentally inept to serve as a trustee. The couple were each acting as trustees. With Donald got rid of, Shelly dealt with the league to offer the group off.

Donald submitted suit challenging the matter, however in the end retreated from it. Why? Due to the fact that the sale of the Clippers wound up being so rewarding.

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer stepped in and said he would purchase the club for $2 billion, a record for a NBA franchise (Sterling purchased the Clippers in 1981 for $12.5 million)

On August 14, the deal in which Steve Ballmer purchased the L.a Clippers closed following the entry of an order by a California court confirming the authority of Shelly Sterling, on behalf of the Sterling Family Trust, to offer the group. The NBA Board of Governors had previously accepted the sale and Ballmer is now the Clippers Guv.


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