The Education Of Hip Hop

April 3, 2015 Nemes Education

Chico Iwana/Flickr

Hip jump has actually always been in my classroom as have other kinds of metaphorical expression. Its most recentlatest look was unexpected and surfaced last Wednesday during a discussion of A More Perfect Union, a speech rendered in 2008 by Barack Obama wherein he looked for to specify and defend his character throughout his initial campaign. This term I’m teaching speech as a spoken art kind in conjunction with poetry to analyze, amongto name a few aims, how allusion, images, and narrative persona connect.

Hip jump discovered its way into the conversation as my class and I checked out Obama’s reflections of America’s racist character when a student– I’ll call him Kwame, a black artist in his late 20s– mentioned the SAE fraternity video as an example of modern-day racism. Kwame questioned if the students were actually racist or if they were just affecting the language of America’s long custom. Bigotry was a discovered disease and not the sole determinant of a person’s character, Obama seemed to say as he explained his love and acceptance of his white grandmother in spite of her racist tendencies. The students were most likely uninformed of what they really were stating and simply silly, Kwame concluded. None of them would attempt say those things to a black children on the football team.

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