Successful Startups Don’t Make MoneyEarn Money Their Primary Objective

August 4, 2015 Nemes Money

Some individuals take a look at Silicon Valley and see a world filled with fortune-seekers concern strike it rich.

Yes, the Valley has its share of mercenaries. But you’ve never heard of the companies they established or ran, due to the fact that those start-ups couldn’t attract or keep excellent talent, win strong investment backing, or make customers’ excellent will.

What drives the most effective start-ups isn’t really the moneythe cash, it’s the mission. The creators who go on to develop the biggest value for themselves and their investors are those with a vision of altering the world in some way.

Individuals outside Silicon Valley are typically puzzled by the apparent contradiction in between the concept of companies having missions and the goal of big returns for financiers.

As Jim Barksdale put it when he was CEO of Netscape, “stating that the function of a business is making cash resembles stating that your purpose in life is to breathe.” Naturally, if you’re not breathing, it doesn’t much matter what your function in life is. If you believecare about your objective, then it belongs to your moral essential to connect a company model to it. There’s no faster method to accomplish your lofty objectives. However that’s the order for it: The business design exists to serve the objective, not the other way around. That’s how Google handled to arrange a lot of the world’s info in a few decades, and Facebook handled to connect the wired world in just one.

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