Resident Group Will Certainly Take Legal Action To Stop I-77 Toll Lanes

November 19, 2014 Nemes Legal

HUNTERSVILLE, NC– Theres been a new development in the battle versus toll lanes on I-77 up near Lake Norman.The most current step we are taking is a legal action because of the failure of our lawmakers to do it for us, states Vince Winegardner of, a citizens group thats trying to stop the lanes.Winegardner wantswishes to stop a Spanish company called Cintra from building and operating toll lanes on Interstate 77 in between the Brookshire Freeway and Mooresville. That strategy would allow the state to broaden I-77 for less cash, however would suggest Cintra would get to set and gather tolls for 50 says its raised thousands of dollars, and says if it goes to a legal battle, itll need$20,000 -$30,000 more in donations to assistto assist fight in court.Winegardner and others are satisfying with an attorney now and hope to have some strategy to take in the next couple of

weeks.The state constitution only allows the state legislature to tax legislature to tax residents, states Winegardner. The proposal … allows a personal

corporation to collect tolls which in turn are taxes, and that is an offense of the state constitution.Thats one possible plan of attack.The lawyer, who Winegardner wont name, has up until the end of the year to get the courts to intervene prior to North Carolinas Department of Transporation indications a contract with Cintra.NCDOT has said that this plan would accelerate a badly needed strategy to reduce congestion on I-77 thatll only get even worse. However says theres got to be a much better way.We have been waiting a long period of time for a correct and fair option to our issue, states Winegardner.


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