Registration For Instructor Education In Idaho Is Declining

October 29, 2014 Nemes Education

With modifications in the education system in Idaho, enrollment numbers for students getting in the instructor education program in the state are decreasing.

In fall 2012, the college of education had 564 students signed up in their instructor education program.

The numbers then dropped in fall 2013 to 497 students getting in the program.

Now this year, the dean for the college of education, Deborah Hedeen, says numbers are about 12 % down, but the exact registration numbers are not readily available till Wednesday.

Teachers in Idaho took a pay cut in 2011 and are now being presented to a brand-new suggested tiered accreditation guideline which would connect liability with performance.

Hedeen states 90 % of the teacher education graduates get accredited in Idaho, but modifications will requirehave to be made to keep them here.

We absolutely requirehave to increase their salaries in order for them to be able to continue because career, said Hedeen. However likewise with that comes the obligation on each one of our parts, in whatever profession we are in, that accountability on our efficiency does matter and we need to be liable and accountable for exactly what we do.

The first public hearing for the suggested tiered accreditation ruling took locationoccurred in Pocatello recently and instructors will be speaking out once again on Tuesday in Lewiston with the 3rd hearing taking place in Nampa on October 21st.


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