Reckless ‘Education’

October 23, 2014 Nemes Education

Goddard Colleges current choice to have its students attended to from jail by a founded guilty police officer killer is just one of many amazingly untrustworthy self-indulgences by educators in our schools and colleges.

Such educators instruct minorities born with an extremely valuable windfall gain– American citizenship– that they are victims who have a complaint against individuals today who have actually done nothing to them, since of what other peoplepeople did in other times. If those individuals who feel aggrieved might offer their American citizenship to excited buyers from worldwide and leave, everyone would probably be much better off. Those who leave would get not just a significant sum of cash– most likely $100,000 or more– they would also get a valuable dosage of truth elsewhere.

Absolutely nothing is much easier than to prove that America, or other society of human beings, is far from being the perfect gem that any of us can conjure up in our creativity. However, when you check out the world today or look back with history, you can get a very painfully sobering sense of what a challenge it can be in the real world to keep even typical decency amongst human beings.

Living simply one year in the Middle East would be an education in truth that might obliterate years of brainwashing in grievances that passes for education in too many of our schools, institution of higher learnings. You could go on to obtain a postgraduate education in truth in some location like North Korea.

If you choose to obtain your education in the convenience of a library, rather than in individualpersonally in the middle of the horrors, you may study the history of the sadistic massacres of the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire or the heart-wrenching story of Stalins man-made 1930s starvation in the Soviet Union that eliminated as many millions of individuals as Hitlers Holocaust did in the 1940s.

Maos manufactured famine in China eliminated even more people than the Soviet famine and the Nazi Holocaust combined. And we ought to not reject their rightful area in historys chamber of horrors to the 1970s Cambodian dehumanization and massacres that eliminatedexterminated a minimum of a quarter of the entire population of that country.

Exactly what about slavery? Slavery definitely has its area among the horrors of humanity. But our educators today, along with the media, provide an extremely edited segment of the history of slavery. Those who have been with our schools and colleges, or who have actually understood our films or television miniseries, could well come away believing that slavery suggests white people oppressing black people. But slavery was an around the world curse for countless years, as far back as documented history goes.


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