Portland Boy, 6, Contributes Allowance Money To Support Fallen Firefighters

September 11, 2015 Nemes Money

The soon to be very first grader said he understood he had to do something. He wrote a letter, and assembled an unique memory box for the firemans and their households.

I composed: for firemens who passed away in wildfires, its a memory box from Abay, thank you for risking your life to save others, said Milner.

Milner and his mother then drove over to Station house 13 in NE Portland to provide the gift.

This little boy walked up with his mother and he had a little box with him, said Portland Fireman Kevin Dolphin. He stated he had a present to provide us, due to the fact that he had heard about the firemens who died.

Little Abay handed over that box, and inside was an unique firemen lego toy and all of his allowance cash.

I put all my offeringdistributing money in it, due to the fact that I wantedwished to offer a present and thats all I truly had, stated Milner.

It totaled up to be some $20 bucks in change Abay tells FOX 12 hed been saving up.

I believed it was awesome that he took it upon himself to save up the cashthe cash, cash that he might spendinvest in himself, and instead he gave it to us, said Dolphin.

It was a little gesture, from the big-hearted six-year-old.

In some cases the finestbetter time to do it, is when you seem like doing it, stated Milner.

A thank you, to the heroes on the fire lines.

I didnt know who these men are, however I felt sad that they had to have that kind of death. They risk their lives for other people that they do not understand.

Milner states if the households of those fallen firemens take place to read this story, he wants them to know hes believing of them and he hopes they have a good night.

Fire teams state they sent Milners box over to a fallen firefighter structure.


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