Politics Virtually Drowns Out Message

March 6, 2015 Nemes Politics

History, like the politics that typically produces it, is unpleasant. Our backward looks at, state, the alliance that won World War II see only the arrangements and the partnerships. We miss the challenging negotiations, the minor games and the political showboating. Not so the history unfolding prior to us. It is as messy as can be.Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahus appearance before Congress falls under the unpleasant classification. There was absolutely nothing neat about it … except his warning. The speech came of politics at his end and ours. Prime Minister Netanyahu is in a domestic political battle of his own. His appearance prior to the United States Congress and, because of the debate surrounding it, before a big American audience, offered him a stage prior to Israeli voters. Likewise, the invite and the subsequent shipment of the speech belonged to a political calculation by President Obamas Republican politician challengers in the House.


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