PoliceLaw Enforcement Agent, Suspended Over Gay Pride Parade, Protects Spiritual Liberty

March 11, 2015 Nemes Worldwide News

Moutsos, a 33-year-old Mormon, sent an internal email asking to be reassigned to traffic responsibility, but his request was denied. Moutsos said he then conceded that he would ride in the parade, however 2 days later on was put on leave. The story ended up being public after authorities issued a press release specifying an unnamed officer had actually been put on leave for refusing the gay-pride parade project. Gay rights fans instantly labeled the officer a bigot, and the story became worldwide news. Moutsos gave up a brief time later, believing he could not work in Salt Lake City.

At firstInitially, Moutsos wantedwished to stay confidential. However he recently changed his mind due to the Utah legislature’s dispute over a bill to balance anti-discrimination rights with spiritual flexibilities.

“These concerns needhave to be resolved. There are so numerousmany excellent individuals, no matter what it is you believe,” Moutsos informed Deseret News. “I think exactly what’s taken place here is that we’re just getting more dissentious on this concern. [Some might state] just since you might disagree with someone means that you hate them. And that’s simply not real. Because I enjoy people. I’ll take a bullet for you. I’ll secure you. But I will not advocate specific things in individuals’s lives.”

Salt Lake City Police Chief Chris Burbank stated he guaranteed his choice to put Moutsos on leave and faulted Moutsos for resigning prior to internal affairs investigators had the possibility to resolve the issue.

“It has nothing to do with spiritual liberty, that has to do with the hatred of those people and exactly what the parade means, which has to do with unity and coming together,” Burbanks said. “How can I then send out that officer out to a household battle that includes a gay couple or a lesbian strolling down the street?”

However Moutsos said he was upset by the concept that he would treat gays and lesbians differently as an officer. He said he has several gay and lesbian pals and worked security at gay and lesbian events in the past. The L.a Times # 160; kept in mind # 160; that Moutsos made regional headlines in 2009 for his favorable handling of an incident including 2 gay guys who were detained for kissing at Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake City.

“We can 100 percent disagree and still One Hundred Percent love,” Moutsos said.

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