Perry On Politics: A Scandal That May Capture A Clinton

March 9, 2015 Nemes Politics

Hillary Clinton (Associated Press image)

By James M. Perry

Hillary Rodham Clinton may lastly be in trouble.

The basic problem seems to be that shes simply too much of everything. Too much money. Too much ego. Too much shaving corners to get her method.

The latestThe most recent example of her imperial tendencies is the business of utilizing her own personal emails, instead of government ones, when she was Barack Obamas secretary of state. Republicans have actually been agitating for months to encourage voters that Mrs. Clinton was liable, in part a minimum of, for the fatal raid on the United States substance in Benghazi, Libya. Now they have suggestions that what theyre looking for– anything to stain Mrs. Clinton– may be buried in all those individual emails.

It was, a New York Times editorial stated, a disturbing departure from the regular practice of relying mainly on department emails for official company. And so it was.

Much more curious is the news, reported in the Washington Post, that the Clinton Foundation accepted millions of dollars from seven foreign governments during her four-year tenure as secretary of state. One of them, a $500,000 donation from the government of Algeria, ought to have been cleared with the Obama administration, the foundation admitted.

Other contributions came from the governments of Kuwait, Qatar, and Oman, all of them repressive on human-rights issues.

The foundations defense is that this cash went to support greatgreats. The $500,000 donation from Algeria, for example, went to relief efforts following the earthquake in 2010 in Haiti. But at the same time Algeria was supporting Haitian relief it invested $422,097 lobbying United States government officials on human rights and other issues.

The Clinton Foundation, based in Arkansas, is significant business. Since it was founded by former President Clinton, it has actually raised practically $2 billion, distributed in a number of charitable endeavors.

Why would the Clintons enable these unnecessary things to happen? Think, for a minute, who Hillary Clinton is. She is, in fact, the most popular lady in American history. She was born in 1947 in Illinois of middle-class parents. She was the very first student beginning speaker at Wellesley College. She married Costs Clinton and became the First Woman of Arkansas and, at the same time, the very first female partner in the Rose Law Firm. When her hubby was chosen president, she moved with him and their child, Chelsea, into the White Residence. When that pertained to an end, the household relocated to New York and she was chosen the first female senator from the state. She ran for the Democratic governmental nomination in 2008, winning more delegate votes than any of the females who sought the workplace before her, losing directly to Mr. Obama. She then served 4 years in his administration as secretary of state.

She will certainly be 68 years of ages in October and, with the understanding that the Democrats have no one else, she might feel that now is her time, which nothing ought to be permitted to stand in her way.

James M. Perry, a popular veteran political reporter, contributes routine observations to post-gazette. com. Mr. Perry was the primary political contributor of The Wall Street Journal until his retirement. Prior to that, he covered nationwide politics for the Dow Jones weekly, The National Viewer.


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