MILITARY NOTEBOOK: Company Offers Free Flags For Veterans Day Events

November 8, 2015 Nemes Worldwide News

A Marietta company that makes flags is providing free, hand-held American flags to be lost consciousness at any Veterans Day event.US Flag Maker is providing the flags to any group preparing a Veterans Day occasion. They only ask that the flags be providedprovided to veterans which images be sent out to make sure the flags were utilized as intended.The flags also may go to organizations such as a healthcare facility

to be offered to veterans who are patients.Any group wanting the flags can call Sonjia Davis at 770-919-0058 or email She stated this is the third year the company has actually offeredprovided complimentary flags, and the objective is to offeroffer as much as 100,000 this year.NASA AIRPLANE LANDS AT ROBINS Anyone driving by Robins Air Force Base on Oct. 3 might have identified an uncommon plane removing and landing.A NASA WB-57

flew out of Robins to track Hurricane Joaquin, according to a story in the Robins Rev-Up on

Friday. The aircraft, a variation of a tactical bomber that debuted in 1953, can fly 12 miles high. It flies so high, the pilot has to use a space suit.EMAIL ESTABLISHED FOR WELL WANTS TO AIRMAN STONE The most famous airman first class in the Air Force today, and possibly ever, is

Spencer Stone.The man hailed as a hero for stopping a greatly armed

terrorist on a train in France on Aug. 21 and getting stabbed in the procedure made around the world news once again this week. He was stabbed outside a bar in Sacramento, California, early Thursday morning.His condition was updated from serious to fair on Friday. Authorities believe Thursday’s event was the result of an argument in between 2 groups. They think it is unassociated to terrorism or the event in France. Two suspects are being sought.According to a story in the Air Force Times, Travis Air Force Base in California has actually developed a special email address for anyone who would likewish to send get-well wishes to Stone. The email is public affairs personnel at Travis will gather the emails and share them with Stone’s family, the story said.A press release from the health center Friday said Stone, who was stabbed numerous times in the chest, had the ability to get out of bed and was”in excellent spirits.

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