Massachusetts’ Most Offbeat Company Stories Of 2014

January 14, 2015 Nemes Random

This years Demoulas drama had all the elements of a major motion image: Typical employees triumphed after putting their incomes on the line in an unusual grocery store saga. The mayhem was stressed by protest tunes on YouTube, produce racks packed with beer, and a stuffed giraffe that emergedbecame an uniformity symbol. However the battle over Market Baskets future wasnt the only unusual news in 2014 to show company is frequently unfamiliar person than fiction. Heres a rundown of some of the oddest:

The stuffiest land-deal limitations

You may expect some strings attached when you buy land from the Christian Science church. But you couldnt blame execs at Pritzker Realty Group if they were a little startled by the restrictions putput on a Dalton Street site they acquired near the Mother Church to build a hotel. No pharmacies or doctors offices. No ground-level alcohol stores or bars. And no pornography on hotel room televisions, unless its the type generally offered in 5 star (or equivalent rating) luxury hotels in Boston and New york city. The deed was a little questionable on precisely what makes up five star pornography.


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