It’s Your Company: Pizza Pan

April 4, 2015 Nemes Random

Name of company: Pizza Pan – North Ridgeville

Address: 33009 Lorain Roadway

Phone: 440-309-4999

Web address:

Owners: Brian and Nina Scheckel, Paul and Kim Koslovic

Kind of business: Pizza, Ribs, Wings, Subs, Salads, Sides

Number of staff members: 8

Years in business: Ropened March 12, 2015 under brand-new management

Tell us what your business does: It has been over two decades since Pizza Pan Corporate was developed as a family-owned and operated business in Cleveland, Ohio. The recipe has remained the very same for many years. We make fresh sauce and dough daily, and use the finest ingredients including One Hundred Percent real cheese.

Pizza Pan stemmed purchase one, get one free pick up, pick-up or shipping.

Where did you get the conceptunderstand for your company? We were approached by Fred Peters, the business owner of Pizza Pan, concerning a shop area that was closed back in January due to the previous owner not running in the ethical, quality and service-oriented way that Pizza Pan needs. Among our partners (Brian) had actually worked at that area in 2014-13 as a shipping driver and cook to make extra income for his family. He recognizes with corporate requirements and operations. Fred was going to offer the shop, and we decided to get it. We bring varied expert abilities to the table. Brian has the pizza facility experience and works in construction. Nina works in client service/retail. Paul is a mechanical/electrical/ industrial technician. Kim manages a local staffing/employment firm branch. We have 5 teenagers among the four of us (ages 14,2 aged 15, 16 and 17), we felt the timing to purchase the franchise shop couldnt be any much better, as we all have college looming for our youngsters over the next few years.

What makes your company unique? We feel our company is special since all of us have a myriad of appropriate abilities and credentials to bring to the business to make it prosper. We are instructing our kids ways to work and run a business, as these abilities will help them with whatever future endeavors they look for. The four people are fun-loving, identified and structured individuals who plan to firstfirstly offer quality, practical, great-tasting foods, excellent consumer service and affordable costs. Its important to teach our youngsters life abilities, business skills, work principles and have fun doing it.

How do you see present financial conditions influencing your company? We think as a separately run franchise store, concentratingconcentrating on family-oriented quality, we will certainly flourish. Among our primary focuses is to deal with local kids and grownups sporting occasions, church functions, business parties, hotels, school events and other celebrations.

Exactly what is the biggest challenge you have needed to get rid of up until now? The store had actually been closed for about a month when we took ownership. The whole shop was left filthy. The entireThe entire space and everything in it needed to be de-greased, de-gunked, cleaned and fixed. Electrical products needed taking care of, walls required to be patched and repainted. The entire facility simply needed some tender caringtlc, included with a warm and fuzzy household touch. Brian handled the remodelling project, spending 12-to-16 hours a day at the facility 7 days a week overseeing all jobs. Our entire group, together with our kids, family and palsfriends and family, managed to get the entire shop from floor-to-ceiling prepared within three weeks. We will forever be grateful for all the time, energy and lots of hours our family and good friends offered up to assist us.

What are your strategiesprepare for near-future development (hiring, constructing growth, and so on)? We wish for the first a number of months to prove to the community that we our different, our consumerclient service is remarkabletranscends, our food quality is excellent and our commitment is intense. Moving forward, we want to develop and include special products to our menu that will create a largely diverse eating establishment offering pick-up and shipping services to the neighborhood.


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