In Market: Schieffer Gets All SetPrepares To Leave The Stage

May 4, 2015 Nemes Worldwide News

In Market: Schieffer gets prepared to leave the phase

Something was up.

The ‘Very first Reporter’ of Fort Worth, Bob Schieffer, was hosting his 11th yearly Schieffer Seminar on the News at Texas Christian University on April 8.

I have actually gone as frequently as possible. It resembles a Trekkie convention for long-in-the-tooth reporters like me. Schieffer is someone who grew up in my hometown, whose household crossed courses with mine, who chose journalism as a career and did terrific things. Damn terrific things sometimes. He likewise has more character and foundation than 99.9 of the political leaders he’s covered. Oh, and he has a Western Swing band on the side. How could I not be enthralled and captured up in Bob Schieffer’s Texas twang-infused spell?

But he seemed a bit sidetracked that night at his university. Maybe it was the visitors, I thought. There was no Bob Woodard this year, no Tim Russert, God rest his soul.

When somebody called out from the crowd to ask a concern, Schieffer stated as politely as he might that there wasn’t time.

Time? That was a funny word to choose, but certainly it was the best one, because ‘time’ was what the night was about.

I wanted this to be the location, and I wanted you all to be the very first to understand: This summer I am going to retire, he told the audience.

Its been a terrific experience, Schieffer continued with more than a little shakiness in that familiar voice. You know, Im among the luckiest people on the planet because as a little kid, as a young press reporter, I constantly wanted to be a journalist, and I got to do that. And not manyvery few people get to do that, and I couldnt have actually requested a better life or something that was more fun and more fulfilling.

Schieffers profession began in 1957 when he accepted a job with a regional Fort Worth radio station called KXOL, for $1 an hour.

Schieffer noted that if you worked overtime, you earned money 90 cents an hour for the first hour, 80 cents for the next hour and so on.

“The joke was, if you worked 11 hours overtime, you ‘d need to pay them a penny,” he said.

He later on went to work as an authorities reporter for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram where, in November 1963, he got his huge break. He responded to a phone call from a female wanting a trip to Dallas. She thought her son, Lee Harvey Oswald, may have assassinated John F. Kennedy and she heard over the radio that he had actually been apprehended. Schieffer drove her to Dallas and the moment put him inside an around the world news storm.

Schieffer signed up with CBS News in 1969 and has been the networks chief Washington contributor since 1992. He began hosting the weekly political affairs reveal Face the Country in 1991, asking direct concerns to politicians in that trademark respectful Texas twang.

He had an unforeseen late-career emphasize starting in 2005, taking over as interim anchor of the CBS Night News following Dan Rathers exit. His homey design got excellent reviews, increased scores and recovered spirits at the news department.

Schieffer survived bladder cancer about a decade back, a brush with death that was one aspect in his 2008 statement that he would retire with the inauguration of a brand-new president in January 2009.

That inauguration came and went and Schieffer stayed. He was delighting in the job too much.

Throughout his career, Schieffer, 78, has actually covered every major political beat in Washington, DC, including Congress, the Pentagon, the State Department and the White Residence. He has talked to every United States president because Richard Nixon, along with a lot of who ran for the position. He has actually moderated governmental disputes throughout the past 3 election projects– in 2004, 2008 and 2012.

Schieffer had some recommendations for students studying at TCU’s Bob Schieffer College of Communication: “Select something you like to do,” he said, noting that if you work at it long enough, things will probably turn out all right.

Schieffer noted at the event that he had when said, “If my life ended tomorrow, I ‘d have gotten my money’s worth.” He still believes that, he said. – This report consists of info from the Associated Press and The Washington Post

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