Illinois Board Of Education To ConsiderTo Think About Superintendent’s Contract Wednesday

May 1, 2015 Nemes Education

Rauner stated he had a new superintendent extremely particularly in mind for a long period of time, but he would not recognize that individual and did not respond directly to a Tribune reporters question about whether the new superintendent would be Tony Smith, a name drifted for a long time in education circles.Smith, whose roots are on the West Coastline, is a former school superintendent in the Oakland, Calif., school district and is now executive director of the W. Clement and Jessie V. Stone Foundation in Oak Park, a not-for-profit that focusesconcentrates on early youth advancement and education.Smith did not return calls to the Tribune.He is a former college

football player at the University of

California-Berkeley and earned his undergraduate, graduate and education doctoral degrees there, the university said.Supporters and critics alike state he is best understood for his charisma and passion to boost the spirits of

the neediest children.But hes not the usual candidate for school leader: He didnt beginbegin as an instructor and never ever obtained a teaching or management credential, records show.The greatest bitterness we had was that he was not a class teacher, and he had no(administrative )credential. The credential requirement was waived by the Oakland school board, stated Oakland Education Association president Trish Gorham, whose union butted heads with Smith over contract problems and teacher seniority and tenure.At the exact same time, she applauded his efforts to provide social and emotional support to struggling students and persuade youngsters they might succeed regardless of myriad challenges.He is quitemore or less the supreme salesperson, said Gorham. Im not saying that cynically. That was his excellent specialty, to offer the dream. Sell exactly what is possible.Tribune reporter Kim Geiger!.?.!


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