East Bay School District Backpedaling From Debatable Legal Strategy In…

December 30, 2015 Nemes Legal

CONCORD — Attorneys defending the Mt. Diablo college district inside civil legal cases have backpedaled from their debatable legal strategy of retrying whether previous teacher Joseph Martin — who was found guilty in criminal court regarding molesting college students — over used a dozen boys.

Were not retrying the Charlie case, Mt. Diablo attorney Rick Linkert said inside court Friday, calling the particular perception largely mischaracterized plus saying the district will be wrongly take down in the press.

We need to know very well what happened to evaluate damages… the important within the damages aspect and crucial on the legal responsibility side, Linkert told En contra Costa Judge Barry Goode at 1 of 2 hearings recently.

A story by this newspaper about the school district planning to defend Martins touching, despite his conviction plus 12-year prison sentence, had legal professionals scratching their particular heads as well as the plaintiffs lawyers saying it might re-victimize the boys, now ages tough luck to 15.

At an October hearing, Mt. Diablo lawyer Kevin Gilbert laid out his legal strategy to Goode, who had to ask him multiple times when he actually planned to retry Martin.

Im sorry, but Im having a difficult time with this idea, Goode informed Gilbert, according to a court transcript. Mr.. Martin had been convicted by a standard regarding guilt beyond a reasonable question. The standard the following is going to be a preponderance from the evidence. Therefore were going to retry typically the Martin case here?


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