Filter the politics from your Facebook feed

August 26, 2016 Nemes Politics

Lately it feels like Facebook should add a tagline: "Brought to you by politics!" Because, let's face it, most of our feeds are rife with political news stories, polls, commentary and opinions — all of which conspire to angry up the blood.… Click Here to Read More


You Are What You Eat: The Politics of Eating On Campaign From Ancient Rome to Trump

August 17, 2016 Nemes Politics

Political messages are spread through television ads, speeches, radio spots, posters and flyers, but an oft-overlooked aspect of elections is the importance of public eating.… Click Here to Read More


Moonshots: Olympics, politics, more

August 15, 2016 Nemes Politics

No, I'm not the talented and beloved former PNJ columnist Mark O'Brien. ("You're no O'Brien" is the No. 2 comment I hear here at the PNJ.… Click Here to Read More


Album Review: DEAD EARTH POLITICS Mobius Hammersmith

August 10, 2016 Nemes Politics

Dead Earth Politics have been building up an exciting name for themselves over the past few years. They've had a rather unique strategy of putting out EP's rather than full lengths, and their new offering, Mobius Hammersmith is both their most Click Here to Read More


Transparency important in politics

August 8, 2016 Nemes Politics

My definition of a state political boss is a person who has brought under his political control the governor and legislature of a state.… Click Here to Read More


Americans want politics-free Rio Games: Reuters/Ipsos poll

August 1, 2016 Nemes Politics

The Reuters/Ipsos poll of 3,015 people, interviewed online over July 22-26, found that a majority of Americans, whether they identify as white or as belonging to a racial minority, felt that it was best to keep politics out of the Olympics. The poll Click Here to Read More


SAGE Video Adds New Business, Politics, and Psychology Collections

July 14, 2016 Nemes Politics

This month, SAGE launched three new SAGE Video collections: Business and Management, Politics and International Relations, and Psychology.… Click Here to Read More


Dallas: Today is not the day for politics

July 10, 2016 Nemes Politics

Politics must take a back seat this morning as we face the horror of five dead police officers, 11 total shot, 6 injured, after a Black Lives Matters peaceful protest in Dallas Texas went horribly wrong.… Click Here to Read More


Stop playing politics on immigration rights

June 30, 2016 Nemes Politics

Our message to Congress in this month of LGBT Pride: Take politics out of the judicial system. Meet your constitutional commitment and give the Presidential Supreme Court nominee a fair hearing as soon as possible.… Click Here to Read More


Stephen Collins: Jury out on the new politics

June 11, 2016 Nemes Politics

As the D… Click Here to Read More


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